Terms and Conditions


– At least 1 of the entrants must be living in Australia at the time of submitting the entry form.

– All of the people who worked on the quilt, paid or not, must be credited (excluding basting assistance).

– There are no refunds on entry fees once the entry fee is paid.

Quilt requirements:

– Quilt dimensions must be in CENTIMETRES and incorrectly measured quilts may not be hung.

– Quilts must not measure more than 240cm in height and not more than 240cm in width. This means approximately 94″ high and 94″ wide.

– Quilts must meet the following requirements: they must have three layers (backing, batting, and top), joined together with stitching or tying, and have a finished binding on the edge of the quilt.

– Quilts that have been previously shown at Modern Quilt Show Australia or Australia’s First Modern Quilt Show are not eligible for entry. Quilts must have been made in the last four years at the time of entry.

– Quilts must include a sewn on label including the entrants name, address and phone number.

– Quilts must include a hanging sleeve.

– Delivery/postage instructions will be provided with notification of acceptance. If your quilt is to be returned by post, please included the required postage.

Press and Social Media:

– Sydney Modern Quilt Guild, MQSA and MQSA sponsors reserve the right to photograph quilts for their records and to use those photographs for publicity (including online and in social media) and for other appropriate purposes. Reports may also appear in various news, craft and art publications, both online and in print.

– Visitors to the MQSA will be permitted to photograph the quilts and post them online or in social media, provided the quiltmaker/s are acknowledged.

Running the quilt show:

– The Modern Quilt Show Australia (MQSA) reserves the right to divide or combine categories, move entries to more appropriate categories, and not to award all ribbons.

– MQSA reserves the right to reject any quilt misrepresented in the photos during the entry process and to reject any quilts that are in poor condition when received and seen in person. Examples include, but are not limited to, torn fabric, stained fabric, poor craftsmanship or an unfinished quilt. Any quilt that is rejected by MQSA will be returned to the entrant and will not be displayed in the exhibit, entered into MQSA, judged or eligible for ribbons or prizes.

– MQSA reserves the right to accept or deny any quilt for exhibition.

– MQSA reserves the right to reject or disqualify any quilt that misrepresented design credit. If this misrepresentation is discovered after the show and the quilt was awarded, the winner forfeits all ribbons and prizes.

– It is the entrant(s) responsibility to obtain all copyright and intellectual property clearances for entering the quilt for prizes and exhibiting it. Sydney Modern Quilt Guild, MQSA, MQSA sponsors and volunteers are not liable for any breach of copyright or intellectual property rights.

– Sydney Modern Quilt Guild, MQSA, MQSA sponsors and volunteers are not liable for any loss, damage or destruction of quilts or exhibition items however such loss damage or destruction is caused, including any negligent act or omission, fault or cause. Insurance cover, if desired, is the responsibility of the entrant.

– The decisions of the show organisers, jury and judges are final.

– MQSA does not discriminate against entrants based on race, sex, age, handicap, religion, national origin, sexual orientation, or marital status.


Collaborative or group quilts
• Modern quilts made by three or more people.

• Quilt is pieced improvisationally (without the use of a defined pattern or templates).

• Modern quilts made by a quilter under the age of 18 years.
• Please note that if there is enough demand in this category, Sydney MQG reserves the right to create two categories: 9 and under and 10-18 years.

Minimalist and/or use of negative space
• The design of the quilt emphasizes extreme simplification of content and form to achieve maximum visual impact and/ or
• Quilt design incorporates a creative or significant use of negative space which is integrated into and/or organizes the composition of the quilt.

Modern Traditional
• Quilt design incorporates the use of an identifiable traditional block pattern and modernises it by applying design elements such as alternate grid work, asymmetry, colour, scale, etc.

• A modern quilt fitting into one of the above cateogries, where no side of the quilt is greater than 1 metre.