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Collaborative or group quilts
• Modern quilts made by three or more people.

• Quilt is pieced improvisationally (without the use of a defined pattern or templates).

Minimalist and/or use of negative space
• The design of the quilt emphasizes extreme simplification of content and form to achieve maximum visual impact and/ or
• Quilt design incorporates a creative or significant use of negative space which is integrated into and/or organizes the composition of the quilt.

Modern Traditional
• Quilt design incorporates the use of an identifiable traditional block pattern and modernises it by applying design elements such as alternate grid work, asymmetry, colour, scale, etc.

• A modern quilt fitting into one of the above cateogries, where no side of the quilt is greater than 1 metre.

• Modern quilts made by a quilter 18 years or under, this also includes quilts made by Year 12 students in 2018.
• If there is enough demand in this category, MQSA reserves the right to create two categories: Up to Year 6 and Year 7-12 (including Year 12 2018)

Entry fees

The entry fee allows you to enter a maximum of 2 individual quilts, as well as any Collaborative or group quilts you have worked on. Multiple entry fees for additional quilt entries is not permitted.

There is no entry fee for junior quilters (18 years and under). For all other quilters, the entry fee is:

–   $15 for members of any of the Australian Modern Quilt Guilds that are affiliated with The Modern Quilt Guild and for individual members of The Modern Quilt Guild.

–   $40 for everyone else. Find out further information about local MQGs here.

We encourage you to join the Wollongong Modern Quilt Guild or Sydney Modern Quilt Guild (if you’re near to either), signup with your local modern quilt guild or alternatively take out individual membership of the international MQG.

Thank you for your interest in entering a quilt in our show.

Again, entries open on the website from Saturday 11th May 2019 until 11:59pm Sydney time on Monday 17th June 2019.